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Necessity of a business plan

“If we are facing in the right direction, all we have to do is keep on walking.” Buddhist Proverb

You need a business plan, if you do not require start-up funding or not.

What is a Business Plan?
The Business Plan is a formal document which contains your goals, the feasibility of your business, several projections and analysis and also a measurable plan how to realize each aspect of the overall goal of the business. If thoroughly prepared, it contains background information on the organization and each individual member of the business.

Why is a Business Plan necessary?
- it directs you towards a successful business future
- it gives you a foundation for sustainable growth
- it provides detail of your business to the financial institution you need funding from
- it is the blueprint of all your business actions
- it provides you with invaluable financial information

Content of a business plan
Your plan should include:

Executive summary
• Cash Plan
• Initial assessment
• Estimate start-up costs
• Strategy and implementation
• Sales Forecast
• Team
• Objectives
• Mission
• Vision



• Market Analysis
• Market Segmentation
• Competition
• Buying patterns

Strategy and Implementation



• Marketing
• Pricing
• Promotion
• Distribution
• Sales
• Strategic Alliances
• Service and Support

Personnel Plan

Financial Plan
• Feasibility study
• Cash flow forecast
• Sales forecast
SWOT analysis To i

During the next few weeks, we will discuss each aspect of the business plan in more detail. Should you request assistance or further help, kindly send an email.


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