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Employment Contracts  


What is an Employment Contract?

An employment contract is an agreement to the terms and conditions of employment – agreed by both the employer and employee. In principle, a contract is created as soon as a person agrees to work for the employer whom may have previously outlined the conditions of employment (pay, hours, etc).

If an employee is taken on for more than one month, by law, they are entitled to a written contract within two months of initial employment. The employment contract may not cover all aspects of the employment details but should outline all of the important terms and conditions.


What is Included in an Employment Contract?

The employment contract should contain details of the following:

1. Names of both the employer and employee
2. Starting date of the employee
3. Job title and description
4. Address of the workplace(s)
5. Details of pay – hourly rate/salary and when it is paid (weekly/monthly)
6. Hours worked each week
7. Holiday entitlement
8. Sickness entitlement
9. Details of any pension schemes
10. If the employee is to work overseas – the period that they will work overseas and the currency in which remuneration will be paid for this period.
11. Grievance arrangements
12. Termination of Contract Notice
13. Redundancy
14. Disciplinary procedures
15. Signatures of both the employer and employee

Why do I need a Employment contract?

An employment contract is compulsory in terms of the Labour Relations Act of 1995.

What is the Basic Conditions of Employment?

Basic Conditions of Employment applies to all employers and workers and regulates employment conditions such as leave, working hours (ordinary, Sundays and public holidays), employment contracts, employee records, deductions, pay slips, overtime, and termination.


What is the Basic Conditions of the Employment Act?


You and your domestic worker.

What is the minimum wage?
Those working in designated non-urban areas for 27 hours or less a week should receive R614.25 per month or an hourly rate of R4.51. Those in listed urban areas working more than 27 hours a week should receive R800 per month or R4.10 per hour.

Domestic Worker Contract

If you have a labour problem, it is very important that you take steps immediately. In the case of an unfair dismissal dispute, you have only 30 days from the date on which the dispute arose to open a case. With discrimination cases, you have six months. Steps for disputes at the CCMA
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