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April 2012
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Social and environmental responsibility is beginning to filter through to the bottom line for many companies as investors increasingly make decisions based on corporate governance

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Have you got a great idea for your own business, but do not know how to get it in motion? Cinergy in Motion will assist with knowledge, experience and will show you step by step. Set your mind to ease and contact us, or send an email with your request.

I have arrived - I am starting my own Business

Working from home, no traffic jams, I am home to watch the kids, while working, and I can also catch up on some daytime TV, all while making money.....What an illusion. When you make the descision to become an entrepreneur, you have to take into consideration that you are out on your own - only your passion, persistence, dedication and consistency will reap awards - nothing more and nothing less!

The Big decision: anything is possible, as long as you know what you want to do. It is wise to pay a specialist to assess your business idea and the feasibility thereof, draw up a business plan and do your research - that is the basic steps to being an entrepreneur. It is also wise to ensure that you are able to handle success - the start-up itself can be a survival act, but to handel sudden success can prove even more dangerous if you are not prepared.

Where do I find someone to assist me in getting my idea off the ground? Just call us (0116721517) or send an email

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"Success usually comes to those who are too busy to be looking for it." --Henry David Thoreau
Business Resources
Banking & Finance. How to choose a savings product. If you have cash put aside, there are a range of products available. You can choose to put your money into a fixed deposit product or money markets, or to use a call or notice account, or special savings account offered by your bank
Business Consulting.

PROCEDURES TO BE ADOPTED FOR DISMISSING AN EMPLOYEE - ESPECIALLY DURING PROBATION - Dismissal during the probationary period should follow the procedures required for the dismissal of a "permanent" employee.

Is our Freedom to Testation being challenged

Entrepreneur. Be committed and make a success of life. We are constantly faced with the prospect of failure or success so it is important to realise the outcome will be determined by the level of commitment to the task at hand.
Human Resources Employment Contracts
Investments. Investors who purchased off-plan a year or two ago and who now have to take transfer of their properties, are finding that there is an oversupply of rental units and that rentals are generally not covering the mortgage repayments and the costs of running the property, Jawitz says.
SARS It is often said that the only thing that a man will boast about having “the smallest” of, is his cellphone. From a tax point of view, it seems that “small”, as in small business, is also a desirable place to be.
Franchising. Business Opportunities versus Franchises ?
Human Resources. Working hours and leave right
Import and Export. How to Start an Import/Export Business
Marketing & Sales South African Market Facts 2005
Retrenchment Hone your pitch while job hunting. Job-seekers who give short and to-the-point answers that cut to the heart of the issue always win the respect of their prospective employers. Here's how you can sharpen up your act.
Service Stand out! Promise extra services and deliver...Does your business have incredible insight, ingenuity and resolve?
Women in Business Technology for women in business. A government initiative called Technology for Women in Business is helping South Africa's women entrepreneurs get access to the applied science and technology they need to catapult their businesses into the big league.
Bargaining Councils Complete list of Councils in South Africa
Business Links Business Directory
to useful business links in South Africa
Small Enterprise Development Agency
Rule's Computers
JCT Group
JCS Security
Glitterati Hair & Beauty
Glamorous Bodyworx
Glamorous Nails
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