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June 2009
Area : 116 190 square km (9.5% of total area)
Population : 3 252 990 (8.1% of total population)
Population density : 28.0 per square km
Capital: Mmabatho
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Capital: Mmabatho

Area: 118 606 km² (9,7% of South Africa)
Population: 3 600 600

Density: 27,5/km² ; 43,5% urban
Annual Population Growth: 3,1%
Age Dependency Ratio: 1,6
Life Expectancy: 54,1 years
Literacy: 62,7%

GGP: R13 940 million (5,7% GDP) GGP/Capita:R3 385
Human Development Index: 0,57


  Rustenburg is the third oldest town of the former Transvaal Province and offers numerous places of interest. Its jacaranda tree-lined streets are the hub of a thriving agricultural and mining industry.
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SUN CITY RESORT Deep in the rugged bushveld, in the heart of an ancient volcano, lies the world's most unique resort. This is the internationally acclaimed Sun City.

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The little town of Groot Marico offers a soul journey of the literary kind. This tiny dorp was made famous by author Herman Charles Bosman and his notorious character `Oom Schalk Lourens'. This area is dedicated to the gentle art of storytelling… and to the spirit of a unique kind - mampoer, a very strong locally brewed liquor.

0860 911 900

Police – 10111 (toll free)

Ambulance – 10177 (toll free)

Emergency call centre:
107 (toll free, land line)

The province has the lowest number of people aged 20 years and older (5,9%) who have received higher education. The literacy rate is in the region of 57%. As part of the Department of Education’s proposed plans for higher education, the existing four higher learning institutions will be merged to form two. Lichtenburg is sometimes called 'Wilgedorp' because of the willow trees along the furrows lining the streets. The town was established on the farms Middelbosch and Doornfontein which were presented for this purpose to the Transvaal Republic by Commandant Hendrik Greeff in 1866.
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