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September 2011
Area : 361 800 square km ( 29.7% of total area)
Population : 737 310 (1.8% of total population)
Population density : 2.0 per square km
Capital: Kimberley

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Capital: Kimberley

Area: 363 389 km² (29,7% of South Africa)
Population: 7 630 900
Density: 2,0/km² ; 78,2% urban
Annual Population Growth: 0,79%
Age Dependency Ratio: 1,6
Life Expectancy: 62,7 years
Literacy: 67,7%
GGP: R5 273 million (2,1% GDP) GGP/Capita:R7314
Human Development Index: 0,4

  In the Kalahari, the thornveld and sweeping sand dunes are home to some of the world's most fascinating wildlife. It is here that you will find Tswalu Kalahari Reserve, the most extensive private game reserve in South Africa owned by the well-known Oppenheimer family.  
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A trend-setter in many ways, Kimberley can boast that it was the first city in the Southern Hemisphere to install electric street lighting and the first in South Africa to switch to an automatic exchange, and that it housed the country's first Stock Exchange. Today various memorials and national monuments remind us of these firsts.

0860 911 900

Police – 10111 (toll free)

Ambulance – 10177 (toll free)

Emergency call centre:
107 (toll free, land line)

The annual rainfall is never high (50 mm to 400 mm) and is always lower than the rate of evaporation. The western areas of the province, which include the Namakwa region and small sections of the Green Kalahari, receive rainfall during the winter months. Namaqualand. Well known for the namaqualand flower splendour during spring, where Springbok is the base from where this spectacle could be visited and enjoyed
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