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September 2011
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 Database of those retrenched and looking for work Send an email with the request" SEND FORM" to, and we will forward the information needed, to you.
In the past number of years many people have lost their jobs due to retrenchments.Cinergy in Motion CC would like to harness this knowledge and experience by collating and compiling the pertinent information and publishing more
State not considering jobless benefits
SA CANNOT afford to include unemployment benefits as part of sweeping changes to its social welfare system despite now having a budget surplus, Finance Minister Trevor Manuel said today.
SA's retirement tragedy
South Africans could be eating cat’s food in their retirement because too little information is given to them to save adequately.
I had work whenever I wanted it from the age of 15. At the age of 52, I joined 200 of my closest friends on the street. I wondered why I wasn’t crying. I actually felt relief. I was free of engineers who told clients in our presence that environmental scientists were a “necessary evil.” It’s been a struggle with irregular employment during the past three years, but I’ve learned that I have more safety nets than I’ve imagined, many women don’t care about lovers’ bank accounts, and the future is still bright. I’m employed again at a job that I truly love. Everything is temporary, even corporeal life. If we can conquer our greatest fears, other fears are truly inconsequential. I’m grateful for the experience.
Still employed, but resizing is due soon?
Coping with the change
Struggling Relationships
What do I do next?
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Starting your own business
Life after Retrenchment
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