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September 2011
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Consumer Rights: Right to be Heard
Representation: consumers have the right to be heard on issues, policies, plans, programmes and decisions which concern them.

Government graft surges dramatically
CORRUPTION in the public service has increased dramatically, according to a report released yesterday by the Public Service Commission on government corruption for the 2006- 07 financial year.
'Inefficiency costing SA billions'
The slow movement of goods through harbours and via road and rail is costing the economy billions of rands each year.The cost of moving and storing goods nationally amounted to 14.7 percent of gross domestic product (GDP), much higher than some of South Africa's trading partners, Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) head Sibusiso Sibisi told MPs.
Did you know?
SA consumers get raw deal from pay-as-you-go cellphones

It seems that SA's cellphone consumers are voicing their anger at paying through the nose when it comes to pay-as-you-go cellphone charges. The vast majority of cellphone users in South Africa pay upfront for their calls using the various voucher systems available from the various networks. The minority of cellphone users who are on `contract' are benefiting from reduced rates that are being subsidised by the inflated rates charged by the networks to their pay-as-you-go consumers.Paying upfront usually results in discounts or extras for consumers in other industries, yet in the pay-as-you-go cellphone market, they are penalised. In stark contrast with a contract client whose cellphone provider will reward him with calls and sms's that are in some cases 50% cheaper than pay-as-you-go rates plus an array of other attractive extras.

Updated Gauteng Business Listing coming shortly! (New and exciting)
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SA consumers find safety in new credit act Safe online transacting
Promoting Excellent Service South Africa
Life insurers crack down on fraud Get Rich Quick Recommend a Business
Consumers suffer most with Telkom ADSL   ADSL versus Wireless Broadband     

Daylight robbery at your local ATM?
In depth

How much do you pay for utilising your bank's services? Members of the public are encouraged to obtain pricing brochures and understand the pricing pertaining to their accounts. They should seek clarity with their branch and also take heed of tips to minimise charges.

The competition commission plans a public inquiry into bank charges this year after a study raised concerns about the fees and the lack of competition among the four biggest lenders.South African banks, under pressure to lower their charges, will probably use higher lending rates to compensate for lower transaction fees, according to FirstRand chief executive Paul Harris.

If you're being charged interest of more than 23% per annum on a loan of less than R10 000, or more than 20% per annum on a loan of more than R10 000, your money lender is breaking the law. Your lender also cannot keep your bank card, PIN number or ID book.

Got an unresolved dispute with your bank? A complaint about a banking service or product? The Banking Adjudicator is an independent body that provides a free, informal, confidential dispute resolution service.You must first complain to the bank concerned - the Adjudicator will want your complaint reference number, as well as copies of correspondence between you and your bank.

Tel: (011) 838 0035
Share call: 0860 800 900

Excellent customer service is the process by which your organization delivers its services or products in a way that allows the customer to access them in the most efficient, fair, cost effective, and humanly satisfying and pleasurable manner possible.

When you have a problem, who do you call?

Pension Funds Adjudicator
Handles complaints regarding private sector pension funds, including provident funds and retirement annuities.
Tel: (021) 674 0209 Fax: (021) 674 0185
Credit problems
You can check your credit rating - for a small fee - or get advice on credit problems from either of two major credit bureaux:
Tel: 089 110 5665 or (011) 463 3930/6070
Tel: (011) 488 2911 (Johannesburg
 The Independent Complaints Directorate The ICD is a civilian oversight body that has been established to investigate complaints of misconduct against members of the South African Police Service
National Home Builders Registration Council
A statutory body. By law, all home builders have to be registered with the Council, and have to comply with the Council's building quality standards. Check beforehand to see that your builder is registered, or has been suspended or deregistered - you can do this on the web site.
If you're having problems with your builder, contact the Council for assistance. The Council will investigate and get the builder to fix the problem. If your builder has gone out of business, the Council's fund will see to it that your home is brought up to scratch. Tel: (011) 348 5700
Toll-free: 0800 200 824
Fax: (011) 789 2902
Council of Medical Schemes
A body established by government to protect the interests of the public and members of medical schemes. Their web site has a "complaints zone" where a complaint can be both filed and tracked online. Before submitting a complaint, you must first follow your medical scheme's internal complaints procedure.
Tel: (012) 431 0500 - general inquiries
Tel: (012) 431 0508/47 - complaints
Fax: (012) 430 7644
Complaining to the Insurance Company:You must complain to the Insurance Company first.Here are some hints to help you complain. Short Term online complain form
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