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September 2011
Area : 129 370 square km (10.6% of total area)
Population : 3 633 080 (9% of total population)
Population density : 28.1 per square km
Capital: Cape Town

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Capital: Cape Town

Area: 129 386 km² (10,6% of South Africa)
Population: 3 620 200
Density: 28.1/km² ; 95.1% urban
Annual Population Growth: 1,7%
Age Dependency Ratio: 1,2
Life Expectancy: 69 years

Literacy: 71,9%
GGP: R33 755 million (3,7% GDP) GGP/Capita:R9877
Human Development Index: 0,76

  Cape Winelands : The fertile green valleys of the Cape Winelands are surrounded by proud mountain ranges. Towns and villages have many historic homesteads and monuments, and every so often fruit orchards are to be seen, whose produce may be found in all corners of the world. It is the Mediterranean climate and winter rainfall of the south-western Cape that produces some of the best wines in the country.  
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The Garden Route stretches on the southern coast from Heidelberg to the Tsitsikamma Forest and Storms River. It’s a nook of the country that offers inspiration to writers and artists whose presence gives the Garden Route a trendy flavour. It is also a top priority of many a foreign visitor.

0860 911 900

Police – 10111 (toll free)

Ambulance – 10177 (toll free)

Emergency call centre:
107 (toll free, land line)

Cape Town's International Airport has international and domestic sections and is approximately 17km from the city centre and 24km from Stellenbosch. In addition to a VAT refund office, it has an Information Desk and an accommodation hot line. Flight information may be obtained by telephoning 021 - 9340407. The West Coast area includes Darling, Langebaan, Saldanha and Yzerfontein. The hauntingly beautiful coastal wild flower reserves unravel across green hills. Famous for seaside resorts, spring flower displays, the West Coast National Park, fynbos and watersports.
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